The Discrimination-Free Celebrant

From the moment we start becoming aware of the world around us, we are socially conditioned to make judgements about other people.  

The Discrimination-Free Celebrant shows that it’s not enough for a celebrant to add a rainbow logo to their website and social media and say they’re inclusive. True inclusivity is about recognising where we hold prejudices and biases and being honest enough with ourselves as we unravel them. It’s only from this place of radical honesty that we can truly make a difference in people’s lives as well as our own.

“In The Discrimination-Free Celebrant, Veronika makes a powerful case for challenging our own and others’ discrimination. She explores the origin and extent of discrimination and offers a series of exercises to support the reader to develop their understanding of how discrimination exists, consider their own prejudices and travel on the journey towards discrimination-free practice.” Catrina Young, Hardingstone Ceremonies

Written by Veronika Sophia Robinson
Cover illustration by Sarah Esau
Published by The Celebrant Collection



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