Natural Approaches to Healing Adrenal Fatigue

Natural Approaches to Healing Adrenal Fatigue is based on the author’s holistic journey to healing adrenals after they crashed. ISBN: 978-0956034465 Written by Veronika Sophia Robinson Published by Starflower Press Published Jun 2011 British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data. A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library.   Price P&P Order […]

Cycle to the Moon

Celebrating the menstrual trinity (menarche, menstruation, menopause) Cycle to the Moon is based on the author’s workshops, Sacred Cycle and Cycle to the Moon, offering practical support for every woman who wishes to bleed consciously. It is a celebration of the menstrual trinity: menarche, first blood of the maiden; menstruation, the cycles of the mother; […]

I Create My Day

I Create My Day is a sacred journey into the heart of attitudinal healing, and invites you to create the life of your dreams one day at a time. Regardless of how you currently experience the world, this book promises to show how you can create a magnificent life that is nourishing, beautiful and authentic. […]

The Mystic Cookfire

The sacred art of creating food to nurture friends and family. For many years, Veronika Robinson, and her husband, Paul, as editors and publishers of The Mother magazine, hosted annual family camps. Year after year people would ask for the recipes and this is how The Mystic Cookfire: the sacred art of creating food to […]

Love From My Kitchen – Gluten Free Recipes

GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN RECIPES FROM THE HEART Veronika Sophia Robinson is the author of the popular plant-based recipe book  The Mystic Cookfire. Love From My Kitchen  is a celebration of vegan and gluten free meals. “I offer you Love From My Kitchen  as a gift from my heart. May the esoteric wisdom my mother instilled into my […]