Life Without School

When I was a child, two of my younger siblings were home educated for a while. I was so jealous! I hated school. I felt such envy that they could stay home with my mother all day, enjoying lunch in the Sun and reading books together. I think I knew then and there that my […]

The Birthkeeepers

My mother, Angelikah, birthed eight children naturally, her last three at home, unassisted by doctor or midwife. She has deeply inspired me. My own experiences of birth have been: a beautiful birth by candlelight in my bedroom; and an induced birth in hospital with my baby born ‘blue’, and spending the first few days of […]

The Nurtured Family

In June 2011, I was honoured to be a speaker at the Nurtured Family, Nurtured Earth event in Surrey.  The Nurtured Family: ten threads of nurturing to weave into family life  is a booklet of the talk I gave that day.   Price P&P Order via PayPal UK £6.00 GBP (Inc) Europe £6.00 GBP (Inc) Rest of […]

Baby Names Inspired by Mother Nature

“Have you chosen your baby’s name?” This is one of the first questions every new parent is asked. The time-old ritual of naming our baby ensures we, and others, can identify and call to them throughout life. Giving a baby a name is a parent’s responsibility, and is best done as a heartfelt and creative […]

The Blessingway

Creating a beautiful Blessingway ceremony. A Blessingway ceremony is a beautiful and holistic alternative to the modern-day baby shower. Whether you’re a professional celebrant, midwife, doula or about to officiate your first Blessingway ceremony for a client, friend or sister, this guide will lead you through the essential elements of creating a beautiful, inspiring, meaningful […]