A Celebrant’s Guide: The Five Elements

There isn’t a human being on this Earth who isn’t impacted by the five elements in some way. The Five Elements offers celebrants and officiants the opportunity to engage in a conscious exploration of the way elements exist in our personal lives and how we can creatively and thoughtfully imbue our ceremonies with them both […]

The Discrimination-Free Celebrant

From the moment we start becoming aware of the world around us, we are socially conditioned to make judgements about other people.   The Discrimination-Free Celebrant shows that it’s not enough for a celebrant to add a rainbow logo to their website and social media and say they’re inclusive. True inclusivity is about recognising where we hold […]

The Gentle Celebrant’s Guide: Funerals for Children

“Wow. What a beautiful book.” Lianne Downey, The Social Celebrant Funerals for Children is a heart-felt offering to those celebrants and ministers working with grieving families. This book is an exploration of spaces: the space we, as celebrants, hold for others; the myriad spaces that a person inhabits when they experience the death of a child; […]

The Blessingway

Creating a beautiful Blessingway ceremony. A Blessingway ceremony is a beautiful and holistic alternative to the modern-day baby shower. Whether you’re a professional celebrant, midwife, doula or about to officiate your first Blessingway ceremony for a client, friend or sister, this guide will lead you through the essential elements of creating a beautiful, inspiring, meaningful […]

Wedding Celebrant Ceremony Planner

Organisational skills form the foundation of a successful celebrant practice. As a vastly experienced wedding celebrant and celebrant trainer, author Veronika Sophia Robinson recognises how overwhelming it can be for a new wedding celebrant when they’re starting out. This handy planner will ensure that whether you’re setting off to meet your first wedding couple or […]

Funeral Celebrant Ceremony Planner

Organisation is an essential skill for every celebrant. This Ceremony Planner has been created for professional funeral celebrants to keep their facts in order. Produced by Veronika Robinson, author of Write That Eulogy, it is based on her many years of experience as a funeral celebrant and celebrant trainer. She knows that when the phone […]

The Successful Celebrant

Build a creative, inspiring, happy, prosperous and life-enhancing celebrant practice. Though short and simple, the contents of this book have the power to change your life. It is written on the assertion that by creating new thought patterns, and combining mind set and heart recalibration, you will create a successful celebrant practice, and indeed, life. […]

Write That Eulogy: the art and craft of biographical storytelling

Some of the most important words ever spoken are only heard once. Write That Eulogy offers an antidote to the tired traditional telling of eulogies. This book is for anyone who is considering writing their life story, or someone else’s, so it is told faithfully and with creative flair at their funeral. Whether you’re an […]