Love From My Kitchen – Gluten Free Recipes


Veronika Sophia Robinson is the author of the popular plant-based recipe book  The Mystic Cookfire.

Love From My Kitchen  is a celebration of vegan and gluten free meals.

“I offer you Love From My Kitchen  as a gift from my heart. May the esoteric wisdom my mother instilled into my barefoot childhood come alive in your kitchen with meals which nourish you and your loved ones This book is a distillation of food as a nurturing and sacred art: a story that has been told since humans first walked the earth.”


ISBN:  978-0-9931586-5-0
By Veronika Sophia Robinson
Cover illustration by Tracy Jane Roper
200 pages
Published by Starflower Press ~ Summer 2017


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UK £12.99 GBP £2.50
Europe £12.99 GBP £5.00
Rest of World £12.99 GBP £7.00

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