Flowers in her Hair – Book three in the Gypsy Moon Trilogy

Book three in the Gypsy Moon Trilogy Ruby Radiance inherited prophetic skills from her grandmother, Azaria Linden, the community herbalist and shamanic beekeeper. At her grandmother’s side, Ruby learned the art of fortune telling by reading beeswax. Ruby’s true gift―divining the future by reading flowers and hearing their songs―comes at a price. At just seventeen […]

Behind Closed Doors – Book Two, The Gypsy Moon Trilogy

As Starr Linden begins writing a series of syndicated articles on the theme of Behind Closed Doors, she soon realises that the most potent story of all is within her own family. Her aunt Astrid’s journey to reclaiming motherhood brings her family of origin together, and as she finds a way through the trauma which […]

Sisters of the Silver Moon – Book One, The Gypsy Moon Trilogy

Book One, The Gypsy Moon Trilogy Azaria Linden, the community herbalist, spends her days tending herb gardens, concocting lotions, potions and tinctures, beekeeping, and being a mother to four grown-up daughters who have left home. Her handcrafted life is the envy of many, but when the lives of her children change in dramatic ways, she wonders if […]

Bluey’s Café

Bluey Miller lives a charmed life in Calico Bay, a small rural town on the east coast of Australia. She built her popular wholefood café from nothing, and it has garnered a well-deserved reputation for world foods. When her mother dies, Bluey discovers that there was far more to her mother’s life than she’d realised. […]


Mosaic is Veronika Robinson’s debut novel. It is the story of family and friendships, of love and loss. Topaz Lane is an internationally successful children’s illustrator, and boy has she been bruised by love. In fact, she’s sworn off men for life and is mourning the fact that she’ll never have a family. A chance […]