Flowers in her Hair – Book three in the Gypsy Moon Trilogy

Book three in the Gypsy Moon Trilogy

Ruby Radiance inherited prophetic skills from her grandmother, Azaria Linden, the community herbalist and shamanic beekeeper. At her grandmother’s side, Ruby learned the art of fortune telling by reading beeswax. Ruby’s true gift―divining the future by reading flowers and hearing their songs―comes at a price. At just seventeen years of age, she believes it is her life’s work to bring beauty and hope to the world by showing people they have choices. However, when the prophecies she relays are upsetting, and marked with the word Fate, Ruby must bear the burden of responsibility.

ISBN: 978-0-9931586-3-6
By Veronika Sophia Robinson
Cover illustration by Sara Simon
Published by Starflower Press June 2016
288 pages


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UK £7.99 GBP £2.50
Europe £7.99 GBP £5
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£7.99 GBP £7

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