About Starflower Press

Starflower Press is a boutique publisher based in the beautiful Eden Valley, in Cumbria, England, and was founded by authorpreneur Veronika Sophia Robinson.

Veronika is a multi-genre author whose books reflect her personal and professional passions and span her spiral of growth and creative development. She earned her Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Cumbria. 2020

Why Starflower

Starflower Press draws its name and inspiration from the olden day herb, Borage (Borago Officinalis). It is still found in many places, though is often thought of as a wildflower, rather than a herb. Starflower is recognisable by its beautiful star-like flowers, which are formed by five petals of intense blue (sometimes it is pink).

The unusual blue colour was used in Renaissance paintings. The Biblical meaning of this blue, is heavenly grace. Borage, from the Celt borrach, means courage. Throughout history, Starflower has been associated with courage.

Starflower Press, and its associated imprints, is so grateful to the following artists:

Starflower Artists

“Illustrations can be a window: a looking glass into the author's imagination.”

- Tony DiTerlizzi