Funerals for Children; The Gentle Celebrant’s Guide


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Creating and officiating the funeral of a child is, quite possibly, one of the most challenging jobs of a funeral celebrant. This is not easy work and should only be undertaken with a deep sense of reverence, gentleness and the utmost compassion, kindness and consideration. Not every funeral celebrant is suited to the task.

The inner awareness required, and the raw reality of a child’s death, isn’t something even the most comprehensive celebrant-training course can adequately prepare you for. It is acquired through the experience of life, and comes from a place of natural empathy, emotional articulation, energy awareness, language skills, deep-level listening, sensitivity and gentleness. Even if you’re a seasoned funeral celebrant who has officiated hundreds or even thousands of funerals for adults, this book will highlight the qualities, skills and ways to bring beauty, creativity, healing and integrity to all aspects of creating and officiating a child funeral.

This book gently guides you through the reality of this specialist area of funeral celebrancy.

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