The Blessingway

Creating a beautiful Blessingway ceremony. A Blessingway ceremony is a beautiful and holistic alternative to the modern-day baby shower. Whether you’re a professional celebrant, midwife, doula or about to officiate your first Blessingway ceremony for a client, friend or sister, this guide will lead you through the essential elements of creating a beautiful, inspiring, meaningful and memorable rite of passage for a mother-to-be or for parents preparing to adopt. Based on the author’s years of experience as a celebrant, The Blessingway contains plentiful suggestions to bring art, soul and heart to this modern adaptation of an ancient Navajo tradition.
The Blessingway: creating a beautiful blessingway ceremony is for people who wish to gift a pregnant (or adopting) woman with a ceremony which honours her whole being. It shows how to create a ceremony from beginning to end, and which features to include.

ISBN: 978-0-9560344-4-1
Written by Veronika Sophia Robinson
Illustrated by Susan Merrick


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