Baby Names Inspired by Mother Nature

“Have you chosen your baby’s name?” This is one of the first questions every new parent is asked. The time-old ritual of naming our baby ensures we, and others, can identify and call to them throughout life. Giving a baby a name is a parent’s responsibility, and is best done as a heartfelt and creative practice. Does your baby’s name have meaning? Is it pleasant to the ear? Will it suit him as a baby, teenager, in midlife and as a pensioner? This unique book draws more than 650 baby names exclusively from Mother Nature, and offers parents a chance to express their love of the natural world through their baby’s name.

ISBN: 978-0-95603440809
Written by Veronika Sophia Robinson
Illustrated by Sara Simon
Published by Starflower Press
Published September 2012
54 pages


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UK £6.99 GBP £2.50
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£6.99 GBP £5.00

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