Mandy Bingham

With special thanks to Mandy Bingham for allowing the lyrics to her songs Red Dirt and Bouncing Babies (also known as With Me and Chicken Song) to appear in the novel, Bluey’s Cafe. Mandy is a singer/songwriter from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Laura Whalen

Laura Whalen is a writer, illustrator, celebrant and doll maker. Originally from Scotland, she lives in southern Ireland with her five children. She has a deep passion for connection; with others, herself and the natural world around her. Illustrations for Starflower Press: (Driftwood Bay Books imprint) Creating A Beautiful Life: Lessons in Self Awareness

Gemma Lake

Gemma is a self-taught mixed media artist .She lives in an idyllic seaside village on the beautiful Isle of Wight with her partner Paul and their children . As a mother of six she is an advocate for attachment parenting , autonomous learning and home education . Her art work is inspired by her love […]

Susan Merrick

Susan is passionate about women’s rights and birth rights, and has been on a journey of discovery through her own births, and supporting the births of others as a doula, and this has led her back to her art. Embracing the fabulous world of art and illustration, Susan is inspired by strength, femininity, passion, motherhood […]

Heidi Harbers

Happiest when she’s brightening up the world, whether it’s decorating a room, painting a mural, growing a garden, feeding her chickens avocados, or organising fun events in her village, creativity is at the heart of Heidi’s life. As a pub landlady, and former restaurant owner, she has cooked for thousands of people across the years, […]

Andri Thwaites

Andri Thwaites is passionate about horticulture and garden design. Her art includes sculptural work in gardens, pottery, ceramic and textile murals, and kids’ workshops. Illustrations for Starflower Press: The Drinks Are On Me The Birthkeepers

Tracy Roper

Tracy is passionate about art and its nourishment of the soul. Spending time in the woods with friends gives her the inspiration to create. She is deeply rooted in Cornwall and its changing seasons, and juggles being a mama to two boys with the occasional days to further her love of art. She also shares […]

Sara Simon

Sara Simon is an artist, art therapist and mother from Yorkshire. She works in a teeny studio in a creative little household on the edge of the Peak District, UK, with her husband and two sons, and can see the Sun rise over the hills from her drawing board. She has illustrated several fiction and […]

Sarah Esau

Sarah Esau Sarah is first and foremost a mother to two home-educated teens. She is married to Sean who she met in Coogee Bay in Australia, whilst they were both travelling many years ago.  Sarah has over 20 years experience of working with young people both in mainstream and alternative settings. She’s a passionate advocate […]