The Creative

I am blessed to belong to a family of creatives. My mum, one of the most creative women I’ve ever met, has been such an inspiration to me. She sewed ragdolls and clothes, built wooden castles, erected a flying fox so we could swing through our huge rural garden, created wonderfully tasty food, played mandolin, harmonica, violin and clarinet.

My grandfather was a violinist, and both my grandmothers were prolific knitters. My father created, too. He built beautiful houses, established businesses, and played the accordion by ear.

My daughters have inherited these gifts of creativity. Beth is a composer, plays piano, violin, flute, clarinet and guitar; and is an actress; and Eliza is a novelist. Their childhoods were mostly free-range home education (they’ve both now completed Master’s Degrees).

Their days were spent immersed in anything that gave them pleasure. They did, and still do, cook, sing, make music and art.

Play is vital to us, even in adulthood, but oh how easily we forget just how nourishing it is for the soul. When I wrote a ‘wish list’ of my ideal man, many years ago, it included: someone who’d sing to me. Little did I know I’d marry a professional singer, actor for TV, radio and stage, and was someone who loved to perform! Not only that, I’m married to a man who makes me laugh dozens of times each day.

Allowing ourselves to shine and be creative is also about fun, playfulness, courage, bravery, passion, having an audience, performance, and letting our talents shine. Our playful self needs play things and, if we’re so inclined, play mates. Yes, even as adults, we need toys! This can take the shape of using wool, pencils, paint, sticks, words, fabric, moss, even an open field for running through or riding a mountain bike. Play makes us come alive, and allows us to release our inner child. We are all creative. Every minute of the day we are creating our lives with every thought, feeling and action. I have come to the point in my life where I have one true goal: to have fun!

© Veronika Robinson, extracted from issue 2 of Starflower Living, an online magazine published by Starflower Press. Download the full magazine here.