The Successful Celebrant

The Successful Celebrant by Veronika Sophia Robinson is currently the bestselling book in the Starflower Press Celebrancy imprint.

If you wish to build a creative, inspiring, happy, prosperous and life-enhancing celebrant practice this short and simple booklet has the power to change your life.

It is written on the assertion that by creating new thought patterns, and combining mind set and heart recalibration, you will create a successful celebrant practice, and indeed, life.

Veronika Sophia Robinson has been a professional celebrant since 1995, and alongside her husband, Paul, has been a trainer at Heart-led Ceremonies Celebrant Training since 2017. Veronika is a metaphysician, and has long understood the power of the mind to shape our reality. She has previously worked with hypnotherapist, Brian Head, in New Zealand, leading sessions in self-hypnosis for elite sportspeople; and has facilitated metaphysics workshops for Unity School of Metaphysics in Auckland.

She lives in rural Cumbria, England, where she has a thriving, healthy and enjoyable celebrant practice. Veronika is the author of many books including those in our Starflower Press Celebrancy imprint: Write That Eulogy: the art and craft of biographical storytelling; Wedding Celebrant Ceremony Planner; and Funeral Celebrant Ceremony Planner; The Blessingway.

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The Successful Celebrant

ISBN: 978-1-7393353-7-3
© Veronika Sophia Robinson
Published by Starflower Press
Published March 2023
Size 102 x 152mm
50 pages