Six Ways To Start The Day

Smile at yourself in the mirror

Before you do anything else, stand in front of your mirror and smile. Tell yourself it’s a great day! Go on, give yourself a wink. Say a few words of positive affirmation to and about yourself.

Walk barefoot on the grass

Whenever possible, start your day walking barefoot on the grass. The dew will help conduct the Earth’s natural radiation into your body. This is a deeply beneficial habit to get into.

Cup of tea

Steep a pot of your favourite herb or fruit tea. Tea rituals are known to bring relaxation into one’s life. Don’t drink on the run, though. Take time to sit and sip.

Light a candle

Take five minutes to sit quietly. Light a beeswax candle, and let your attention rest on the flame. It’s a simple but effective practice, and will bring calm to your morning.

Drink a large glass of water

After a long night of sleep, healing and detoxification, your body is ready for liquid nourishment. Hydration is optimally achieved through one to two large glasses of water first thing, and followed by several more throughout the day. This will wake you up, and bring your sluggish organs to life.


© Veronika Robinson Extracted from Issue One of Starflower Living, an online magazine published by Starflower Press. Download the full magazine here.