Six Ways To Start The Day

Smile at yourself in the mirror Before you do anything else, stand in front of your mirror and smile. Tell yourself it’s a great day! Go on, give yourself a wink. Say a few words of positive affirmation to and about yourself. Walk barefoot on the grass Whenever possible, start your day walking barefoot on […]

The Soapmaker: experiencing place

Reflective Essay for MA Creative Writing © Veronika Robinson This is the reflective essay (a mix of personal reflection and academic research) that I submitted with my portfolio for module two of my Master’s Degree in Creative Writing in 2020 (University of Cumbria). The topic of the module was: Experiencing Place. I have explored this […]

The Creative

I am blessed to belong to a family of creatives. My mum, one of the most creative women I’ve ever met, has been such an inspiration to me. She sewed ragdolls and clothes, built wooden castles, erected a flying fox so we could swing through our huge rural garden, created wonderfully tasty food, played mandolin, […]