Recipe for Love

On the same day that Mahalia Mason moved to her late grandfather’s country homestead, she was reunited with the neighbour, Beau Candler, a Bluegrass country music producer. The last time she saw him, she was just seventeen. Despite the passing years, and her career success as a chef, Mahalia never got over her teenage crush. […]

House of Hearts

Self-made millionaire, Simon Beaudin, is on sabbatical to finish his book on recession-proof businesses. The boutique shop House of Hearts in Rainbow Valley is recommended as a possible option. The name of the business is enough to turn him off, but when he meets Soraya Juniper, the successful business owner, he’s completely turned on and he’ll do […]

Love in a Scottish Storm

Liesel Eather has just one thing to do before she gets married: travel around Europe. And she insists on going alone. When Liesel drives up to the private castle of Isaac Heathfield, ignoring all the Do Not Trespass signs, she tells herself it’s the last adventure before getting married. Isaac is in no mood for […]

On the Wings of Love

For seven years, Jade Stirling and Ashley Lyndhurst had the ideal working relationship. As head of the world-famous Lyndhurst Incorporated Airlines, Ashley commanded respect wherever he went. Ashley and Jade are inseparable, and due to the nature of her work as his PA, she spends much of her time in his company as he travels […]

Love at the Treble Clef Café

Sequoia Lissen was just nineteen years old when Ruben Hazelwood entered her family’s Artisan Boulangerie in rural France disrupting the only life she’d ever known. When he chose to marry someone else, after their whirlwind courtship, Sequoia fled Europe. Now, eight years later, living in Tasmania, Australia, where she runs the award-winning Treble Clef Café, […]